Report Shows Abortion Advocacy Group Closely Tied to Revolutionary Communists

An investigation by the Daily Caller indicates that an allegedly mainstream abortion advocacy group has close connections to the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP).

The report published Friday shows that RiseUp4AbortionRights has been previously called out by other abortion advocacy groups since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. RiseUp has been described as a “cult of personality” and a pyramid scheme. The Daily Caller detailed evidence that the group is actually a front organization for the radical RCP.

Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism director Brian Levin said that because support for communism in the U.S. is incredibly low, “one way for these individuals to jump-start is to ride the coattails of something that has much more acceptability.”

RiseUp and the RCP have shared leadership. RiseUp co-founder Sunsara Taylor is also a leading spokesperson for the RCP. She said that she helped found RiseUp in January of this year to call for “abortion on demand and without apology.”

She also helped to found Refuse Fascism in 2016 for the purpose of fighting against the administration of President Donald Trump. RCP also took credit for starting that organization and still links to the group on its website.

Sam Goldman is another RiseUp member who has been a leading spokesperson for Refuse Fascism. She said in a January episode of the Refuse Fascism podcast that she had been busy helping to launch RiseUp4AbortionRights.

RCP links and promotes content on its website from both RiseUp and Refuse Fascism. All of the organizations cross-promote one another online without making any clear representations about how they are associated.

RiseUp has responded to criticism from other abortion advocacy groups by saying their statements “smack strongly of the tactics of the right-wing fascist forces in this country and the political police (the FBI, etc.) who create pretexts to go after revolutionary groups.”

Taylor refused to provide documents to the Daily Caller to support RiseUp’s claims that it is not funded by the RCP. She also refused to commit to submitting RiseUp to an independent audit of its financial relationship with RCP.

The RCP is allegedly a Maoist group that draws heavily on Bob Avakian’s revolutionary ideology. As the founder of the group, he is reportedly considered by the membership as a cultish messiah figure.

The claims made in the last month by traditional abortion advocacy groups allege that the RCP is using RiseUp to divert funding and personnel toward the growth of radical communist revolutionary ideology rather than honest abortion advocacy.

RiseUp has become prominent nationally since the reversal of Roe. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) demonstrated with Taylor and other RiseUp members the day of the Supreme Court ruling returning abortion regulation to the states last month. Hillary Clinton has promoted RiseUp on Twitter, and MSNBC has aired interviews with RiseUp activists.