Religious Liberty Group Is Standing against Biden’s Transgender and Abortion Push

Liberal President Joe Biden is holding firm to his radical leftist agendas involving abortion and transgender surgeries for children.

Nonprofit Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is pushing back against the Biden administration’s overreach.

The group is raising awareness over Biden’s new order that would try and force healthcare professionals to do transgender surgeries and abortions regardless if it went against medical judgment. In addition, any doctors with religious conscience issues would also be threatened with substantial financial penalties if they chose not to perform certain procedures.

The nonprofit is taking on the heavy task of going through the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The group represents a Catholic healthcare network along with around 19,000 healthcare professionals. The hope is the court will uphold the decision on Franciscan Alliance v. Becerra, which would null Biden’s new extreme rule.

Luke Goodrich is Becket’s vice president and senior counsel and issued a warning to healthcare workers.

He said Biden’s transgender mandate could coerce medical professionals into doing severe transgender procedures and abortions in order to keep getting federal funding.

“A hospital that would perform a hysterectomy for a woman with uterine cancer would also have to perform a hysterectomy for a woman who wants to transition to living as a man,” Goodrich said. “If not, [it would be] guilty of sex discrimination and subject to multi-million-dollar penalties.”

When it comes to religious exemptions, the Biden administration basically has full approval or denial.

Even if the courts rule against Biden’s rule, Goodrich said that the Biden administration will still go forward with the tyrannical order. The reason, according to Goodrich, is so “that others might just be cowed into submission [out of] fear of massive penalties.”

“It seems like HHS is willing to treat these court losses in the injunctions as the price to pay for trying to change the norms in the medical profession,” the expert said, adding, “What they’re really trying to do is change the norms in the medical profession to include gender transition and abortion.”

As liberal agendas get infiltrated into American society at an alarming rate, the Biden administration shows no signs of letting up even with courts ruling against them.