Rand Paul Tells Laura Ingraham Business Owners Have “The Power To End” COVID Mandates

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been a strong opponent of large parts of the COVID-19 pandemic response policies pushed by Washington Democrats and has been the primary critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci in Congress. The physician appeared on the Friday broadcast of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News to address pandemic policies, particularly local politicians’ overreach in “blue” cities and local governments.

Paul said that the first thing that must happen to end the pandemic is for the government to stop telling people who are not sick to get tested, along with severe economic resistance from Americans and businesses.

As an example, Paul pointed out how Democrats have shut down and “unilaterally ruined” the city of Washington, DC. He said no one can come as a tourist, people cannot tour the Capitol, and now people “can’t go to restaurants.”

Paul said that when restaurant and business owners decide to push back finally and march in the streets, the mandates will end. He added that it will require owners telling bureaucrats to “take a flying leap.” He said real action to end vaccine passport requirements and mandates would depend on business owners in blue cities to take direct action.

Earlier this month, Paul made a public demand of the censors at media giant YouTube to apologize for suspending his channel on the platform after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged that cloth face masks are primarily ineffective against the coronavirus.

Paul asked if the CDC admission meant that the “snot-nosed censors” would be coming to his office to “kiss my…” before admitting he was right about masks. He cited an article in the New York Times in which the CDC revised its official position on the use of cloth masks.

YouTube suspended Paul last August because he posted a video questioning whether cloth masks are effective against COVID transmission.

The CDC has been questioned in recent days for its shifting guidance on masking procedures, and last week officially stated that only N95 or KN95 should be used for face protection rather than ineffective cloth masks.