Radical New Jersey Lawmaker Attempts To Shutter Pregnancy Centers

Leftist radical Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) is on a mission to close down every pro-life pregnancy center in New Jersey. Part of his quest is to convince the public that providing information to women makes these facilities “brainwashing cult clinics.”

In a press release, the Democrat accused the centers of misleading pregnant women by promoting harmful medical information. He also declared they do not provide prenatal care.

As if an abortionist is concerned about prenatal care.

Gottheimer said that “women go to these healthcare hoax clinics thinking they will get real medical help, but instead they are greeted by people with no medical background whose goal is to brainwash women with their own ideological agenda.”

He further accused the pro-life centers of “fake programming.” If that were true, wouldn’t he expect women to figure this out for themselves?

These facilities that exist to help both women and unborn children did not take his attack quietly.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center and the New Jersey Consortium of Pregnancy Centers issued a joint statement blasting the politician’s comments. Gottheimer’s criticisms were called “inflammatory” and “false.”

Debbie Provencher of Lighthouse explained to journalists that their organizations provide a valuable support service for those confronted with the unexpected. She said that for four decades, her agency offered free and confidential services.

Provencher explained, “it was evident that he was supplied with inaccurate and misleading information, we are saddened that the beautiful generosity and sacrificial service of Lighthouse supporters…were so mischaracterized.”

She added that the centers sought to avoid political pitfalls and instead focus on assisting families to get through generational poverty.

Provencher noted that online reviews demonstrate just how appreciated the free service is within the community. A mother wrote glowingly about her ultrasound and said, “I will definitely refer more people.”

Another said she felt “blessed” and “comfortable” about her decision that was aided by Lighthouse.

Attorney Eileen S. Den Bleyker represents the consortium of pregnancy centers. She said Gottheimer showed up outside one of their buildings unannounced and “mischaracterized” the work they do.

She attempted to have a conversation with New Jersey officials after they issued an alert last year about the crisis pregnancy centers. Den Bleyker was rebuffed by the state, which ultimately revealed it had received no complaints against the centers.