Quick-Thinking Texas Cop Saves Elderly Woman From Losing $44K

In White Settlement, Texas, an elderly woman was nearly scammed out of $44,000 when a bystander and a police officer intervened just in time. Myndi Jordan noticed the woman hurriedly inserting hundred-dollar bills into a cryptocurrency machine at a gas station. Suspecting a scam, Jordan tried to warn her, but the woman, who believed she was dealing with her bank, had already deposited $23,000.

Jordan then called the police, and Sgt. James Stewart arrived at the scene. Stewart confronted the scammer on the phone, challenging, “Do you really want to fight this fight with me?!” The scammer insisted it wasn’t Stewart’s concern, to which Stewart retorted, “What you’re doing is committing a crime! That makes it my problem!”

The elderly woman, thinking she owed money to Chase Bank, was about to send the remaining $21,000. Stewart’s timely intervention prevented the transaction. The woman later filed a fraud report and was reassured she would be refunded by the cryptocurrency machine company.

Stewart, moved by the incident, expressed his anger at the scammer’s tactics, highlighting the fear and pressure they exert on their victims. The woman, deeply appreciative, embraced Stewart after the ordeal.

Authorities recommend that individuals who suspect they are being scammed should hang up and verify the call by contacting the company directly using a verified number. They also advise against sharing personal information or sending money via cryptocurrency.