Questions Surround Shooting Death of Chechen Man Near Special Ops Colonel’s Home

The shooting death of Ramzan Daraev, a 35-year-old Chechen man, near the rural North Carolina home of a U.S. Army Special Operations Command colonel on May 3 has left many wondering what really happened that night. Daraev, who was allegedly photographing the colonel’s children, was shot multiple times after becoming “aggressive” when approached. But was there more to the story?

Daraev and another Chechen man were posing as utility workers for Utilities One, a New Jersey-based company, but lacked proper equipment, clothing and identification. The second man was detained, questioned and released. So, what were they really doing there?

The incident has raised concerns among Special Ops soldiers nationwide, who report increased surveillance of their families. Could this be part of a larger pattern? The shooting also coincides with the arrest of two illegal immigrants from Jordan attempting to force their way onto Quantico Base in Virginia on the same day. Is there a connection?

The colonel, whose name and rank have not been disclosed, had reportedly set up cameras on his property and had seen the men several times before the shooting. The 911 call came in at 8:15 p.m., an unusual time for utility work. What made the colonel decide to confront the men that night?

Utilities One CEO Serghei Busmachiu, originally from Moldova, released a statement expressing sadness over Daraev’s death and emphasizing the company’s diverse workforce. Daraev’s family has created a petition calling for justice, claiming he was unarmed and shot in the back and face while running away.