Putting ‘Woke’ to Sleep: Jenkins Cleaning up San Francisco

From sacking 60% of her predecessor’s so-called prosecutors to actually arresting drug offenders, new San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is busy righting the ship.

The uber-liberal electorate had enough of progressive madness and yanked the radical Chesa Boudin out of office in a recall. The new DA said she is also progressive, but compared to her predecessor’s leniency, Jenkins is the reincarnation of J. Edgar Hoover.

The San Francisco Gate news organization reports the DA’s office has filed more charges for drug paraphernalia in her first two weeks than were filed in the city in 11 years. And amazingly, it is not reported in a positive light.

The newspaper notes that nine cases since the start of 2011 were “standalones,” meaning the suspect did not also face charges of narcotics possession, burglary, etc. The report further said that eight of the nine may have been mislabeled, shrinking that grand total to one.

In under two weeks, there have now been 17 standalone charges filed through the DA’s office. The public defender’s office has already denounced the mild crackdown, calling it “unprecedented.”

Is there even the slightest question why the Bay Area became a drug-infested House of Horrors? As many long-time residents noted, the city descended into chaos as both victims and perpetrators could no longer expect justice.

In 2021, San Francisco averaged 53 accidental drug overdose deaths per month and finished the year with 640 total. Was there justice meted out to the pushers and dealers of these deadly substances? Hardly.

There were three convictions for cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine dealing in the city for all of last year. Three. As for fentanyl, which was responsible for as many as 500 of the city’s accidental drug overdose fatalities, not one person was convicted for being a dealer. Zero.

So what did the city do under Boudin? Dealers were mandated to take drug awareness classes.

Nevermind that dealers rarely consume what they sell and are still more aware of drugs than virtually anyone. This was the progressive solution to hundreds of preventable deaths.

Jenkins has a long way to go to clean up the mess she inherited. But having the gumption to actually arrest people for committing crimes is a change, and for San Francisco and many other urban areas living under the progressive nightmare, at least it’s a beginning.