Psaki Leaving White House

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is famous for being snarky toward journalists she dislikes and flat out lying when it suits her. She currently is under fire for refusing to back track on the Hunter Biden laptop, which the New York Times has suddenly authenticated years after everyone else.

Never forget the disdain she heaped upon anyone who dared to ask about the laptop, branding it as Russian disinformation. She has made a habit of accusing anyone who disagrees with the current administration’s Ukraine policy as carrying water for Putin and being a Russian propagandist. There is no doubt that she always thinks she is the smartest person in the room. One must ask the question, however, if she is such a skilled spokesperson for the president, why is Joe Biden experiencing horrific poll numbers? Only four in ten Americans approve of the president.

Is Jen Psaki girding up for the fight to help Scranton Joe get his numbers out of the basement? Nope. She is negotiating a golden parachute and pressing the eject button on her job.

It is unethical to work out a deal with the same news agency that asks you questions every day in White House briefings but that does not seem to trouble Jen Psaki or MSNBC. Some pundits are focusing on the ethical and legal implications of the deal, but this is not the story. The story is about the coming irrelevance of Jen Psaki.

Working as the press secretary for the White House has the built-in advantage that people are forced to pay attention to you. You are the gatekeeper of information for the most powerful person in the world, the president. You do not have to work to get people’s attention. It is not required that you be knowledgeable, entertaining, or have even high energy. You are the only game in town.

Psaki is about to discover that once she leaves the White House, she will have to attract people’s attention. That is an entirely different ballgame. A game in which Psaki is grossly unprepared to play. She will crash and burn in her MSNBC job and the rest of us will mercifully be spared having to listen to her anymore. It cannot happen soon enough.