Psaki Dodges Questions About COVID Testing For Border Crossers

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has established a consistent track record for avoiding difficult questions. On August 2, she avoided providing answers about the problems arising from the Biden administration’s combined failing policies regarding COVID-19 and the flood of illegal immigrants entering the southern border.

Peter Doocy from Fox News asked Psaki whether the president is concerned that border crossers are not being tested for COVID when federal officials first contact them.

Psaki didn’t answer that question but went into a list of talking points about preventing viral spread. She claimed that Border Patrol agents are providing PPE to illegal aliens. She added that unlawful aliens must wear masks, although there was no explanation of how that requirement is enforced.

Psaki said that anyone in the custody of the Border Patrol who shows signs of illness is referred to local health agencies for testing and treatment.

In telling Doocy that he needed to get an “understanding” of how things are handled on the border, Psaki managed to ignore the question about testing for infection completely.

Psaki’s condescending dismissal of a simple question about COVID testing is belied by reporting facts from the border. This week, a union official representing Border Patrol agents said that COVID-positive illegals are currently being admitted into the country daily.

Positive COVID tests of detained crossers have increased 900 percent in the last 14 months. While the illegal immigrants are not quarantined, many Border Patrol agents are, increasing the pressure on an already overwhelmed system.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order last week to slow the transportation of infected illegal aliens inside the state. The federal government immediately sued the state and Abbott, obtaining a temporary restraining order from a federal court preventing the enforcement of Abbott’s order.