Protest By Illegal Immigrants Shuts Down Rush Hour Traffic At San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

Illegal immigrants were joined by numerous “allies” Thursday morning in a protest at San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge that shut down rush hour traffic. According to reports, the gathering was a demonstration in demand of a path to U.S. citizenship for illegals.

The California Highway Patrol was notified shortly before 7 a.m. that several cars were stopped on the bridge and traffic had slowed to a crawl. A group of about 40 illegal aliens and their supporters had blocked the northbound lanes. 

It was reported that the protestors intended to stop traffic on the bridge for 20 minutes to point out what was described as 20 years of broken promises by lawmakers on immigration reform. Luis Angel Reyes Savalza, one of the organizers, told KGO-TV that illegal immigrants “deserve a path to citizenship now” and will not wait another 20 or 30 years.

Savalza blamed the California Highway Patrol for the length of the traffic jam at the bridge. He said that after the illegals “held” the bridge for 20 minutes, they were ready to “clear traffic.” 

According to Savalza, the CHP prevented the illegals from letting traffic restart by “blockading” the illegals and preventing them from leaving the scene. He added that the traffic problems were “completely on the CHP.”

The protesters were reportedly upset that Congress had not incorporated immigration reform into Joe Biden’s mammoth budget reconciliation spending bill. One protester, Brenda Zendejas, told a reporter that closing the bridge down is the “only way we are going to be heard.” Before she was taken into custody by officers, she added, “we have followed the rules” and said, “no one is listening to us.”

Five of the protestors were arrested by CHP after the entire group was detained and removed from the bridge. The CHP said that the traffic blockage was extended for about an hour when the protesters refused to leave the bridge when ordered.

CHP Officer Andrew Barclay said that people have a right to protest, but not on roadways. He added that the traffic lanes on the bridge are a “very dangerous place to be” when people walk around in the streets where only motor vehicles are intended to travel.