Prosecutors Allege Pentagon Leaker Of Attempting To Destroy Evidence

Federal prosecutors accuse Navy airman Jack Teixeira of attempting to destroy evidence regarding the massive Pentagon leak he is accused of. The airman has been charged with allegedly leaking approximately 100 sensitive documents he uncovered during his military service.

Following his arrest, federal officials accused Teixeira of attempting to destroy evidence regarding the leak. Prosecutors also released a number of documents that cast a negative light on the airman.

Federal prosecutors called him a flight risk and cited concern that he may attempt to trade sensitive information to foreign governments and flee the country. The federal government cited Teixeira as allegedly breaking his written promises not to disseminate sensitive intelligence.

The airman allegedly requested that people he was speaking to online delete the messages he posted. The government stated that Teixeira attempted to destroy and dispose of a tablet, laptop, and gaming console.

Federal documents reveal that Teixeira had been denied the ability to purchase a firearm after allegedly making threats against his former school.

The airman was allegedly overheard speaking about racial issues and Molotov cocktails, prompting the denial of gun ownership. He then joined the National Guard unit in which his stepfather had previously served. Teixeira subsequently received intelligence clearance.

Teixeira again applied for a gun license, citing his clearance.

Prosecutors released alleged messages from Teixeria, hoping that ISIS attacked the World Cup and had researched a number of mass casualty shootings. The airman purportedly had a number of weapons in his bedroom.

The documents revealed a number of potentially embarrassing topics for the Pentagon and State Department.

The papers allegedly show that the United States had been spying on the governments of South Korea and Ukraine. They also purportedly show that the recent protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have been partially organized by Mossad, the country’s intelligence agency.

Furthermore, the documents Teixeira allegedly leaked show different casualty estimates in the war between Russia and Ukraine than previously reported.

Teixeira is facing a number of charges in the federal investigation. These include the “unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information” and the “unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.”