Prosecuting Attorneys In San Francisco Quit Jobs To Join With Effort To Recall Socialist District Attorney

When Chesa Boudin, a former worker for Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, was elected as San Francisco’s district attorney in 2019, radical leftists and progressives were thrilled.

Boudin has an almost unbelievably perfect pedigree for far-left politics. He has been proudly described in the communist magazine Jacobin as the “child of revolutionaries.” His parents were Weather Underground members who were imprisoned for terroristic murder committed on behalf of the group. Other radical members of the group raised her while her parents were serving time.

Boudin declared after his election that San Francisco would stop prosecuting “quality of life” crimes, including prostitution, unlawfully camping on public property, and public indecency. He immediately fired seven prosecuting attorneys who were too “tough on crime.” 

Criminals in San Francisco now casually walk into stores in broad daylight to shoplift right in front of employees and security cameras. Car burglaries and home break-ins are also surging. 

Many ordinary residents of the city have started a formal effort to recall Boudin from office. Two prosecuting attorneys who worked for Boudin have quit their jobs to join in with the recall process. 

Brooke Jenkins and Don du Bain are the two former Boudin employees who say they are now working to remove him because of his lack of commitment to prosecuting crime in the city. The two also stated this week that Boudin is endangering the safety of city residents and visitors by ignoring crime and releasing convicts without any rehabilitation so they can re-offend.

Jenkins stated that Boudin has proven that his approach is “anything but progressive” and has been “extreme and radical,” resulting in increased crime and lost lives. Jenkins worked in the city’s homicide unit.

Du Bain said that “Boudin had disregarded any law he doesn’t like,” adding that “he has concluded that his political priorities direct his decisions on what laws to enforce.” Du Bain had been employed in the District Attorney’s domestic violence unit.

At least 50 attorneys have either quit or been fired from Boudin’s office since his election. His office said that the District Attorney is “disappointed” that the former prosecutors have “chosen to politicize their departures” by spreading “misinformation” about the office’s activities.

The recall effort saw organizers submit 83,000 signatures on their recall petition to the San Francisco Department of Elections last week. That is about 32,000 more than required by law to move the recall process forward.

The department now has 30 days to verify the signatures. If verification is completed, a recall election will be scheduled for a date in 2022.