Project Veritas Reveals Ashley Biden And E. Jean Carroll Share Counsel

America became somewhat familiar with Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s lesser-known daughter after her private diary made a surprising public journey. The sequence of events concerning the diary’s “discovery” and subsequent handling by Project Veritas (PV) had corporate media outlets and federal agencies scrambling to defuse the situation. However, what has recently grabbed attention is the attorney representing Ashley in this affair, Roberta Kaplan.

Roberta Kaplan is a familiar name for those following high-profile litigation. In a striking revelation, this attorney also represents E. Jean Carroll in defamation lawsuits against President Donald Trump. A tangled web of high-profile litigation involving the same attorney points out how closely-knit the group of legal activists working on behalf of the Democrat machine is.

The story around Ashley’s diary began when an anonymous informant contacted PV, claiming to possess personal items left behind by her at a rented Florida home. These items included clothing, pills, and the infamous diary described as “pretty crazy.” While PV took steps to authenticate the diary, Ashley identified the diary over the phone, and the Secret Service got involved. Ultimately, the FBI raided PV journalists’ homes, searching for evidence of the diary’s origin. No arrests were made or charges filed against the journalists, and all items were returned to Ashley via local law enforcement.

Coming back to Ashley’s lawyer, Kaplan had reached out to PV about the diary in October 2020, leading to an investigation by federal agents from the Southern District of New York on the same day.

Kaplan’s other client, Carroll, has been battling Trump in court, winning a favorable verdict for defamation in one of her suits against him before a Manhattan jury. The duo even acknowledged their role in getting a New York law passed, extending the statute of limitations for certain assault claims, which enabled Carroll to bring forward her allegations against Trump.
Kaplan, co-founder of the advocacy organization “Time’s Up,” is no stranger to high-profile clients. Yet, it’s a twist of fate that she’s representing both the woman suing the former president and the current president’s daughter, potentially at the brink of another electoral face-off between Biden and Trump.

Notably, the diary theft’s actual perpetrators, Aimee Harris, and Robert Kurlander, pleaded guilty last year, admitting to selling the diary to PV for $40,000. Their action resulted in a federal felony conviction, with potential imprisonment of up to five years. Meanwhile, James O’Keefe, the founder and then head of PV, maintained that his organization’s actions were within the purview of “responsible, ethical journalism.”

While it’s not unusual for a high-profile attorney to represent multiple clients in the spotlight, the fact that Kaplan is at the center of legal proceedings involving the past and present presidency is undoubtedly intriguing.