Project Veritas Records ‘Illegal Electioneering’ In Pennsylvania

Project Veritas, long known for exposing the truth about leftists with their own words through hidden cameras, scored another coup on Election Day in Pennsylvania.

The outfit said it captured “illegal electioneering” on video for two Democratic candidates in the state. The beneficiaries of the alleged wrongdoing were Senate candidate John Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro.

At a Philadelphia polling site, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said undercover video journalists were instructed on whom to vote for just feet outside the facility.

Group investigators identified the “committee person” as Rudy Stewart, who allegedly presented a stack of papers with the heading “Official Democratic City Committee Ballot.”

On camera, the worker told the undercover journalists that “this is a Democratic Party form.”

Further, into the footage, the person identified as Stewart asked the voters passing through if any needed “Democratic Party information.” Papers were then distributed to people walking by.

At one point, the worker points to Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz’s name on a list of Pennsylvania candidates attached to the wall behind him, saying, “we’re scared of him.”

After he pointed at Shapiro’s rival for governor, Republican Doug Mastriano, a Project Veritas reporter asked Stewart “so don’t vote for them?”

Steward replied, “Yes, these guys are scary.”

Another person reportedly on the Democratic committee told undercover reporters “I just help out whoever the majority of the community supports.”

The Project Veritas video notes part of the Philadelphia County training guide provided for election board officials. The excerpt from the manual describes “electioneering” as “handing out campaign materials” along with “telling voters which candidates to support.”

Oz was defeated by Fetterman in a key race that flipped the Senate seat from the GOP. The race was one of the most pivotal showdowns in the nation, and many analysts predicted it would decide control of the Senate.

There is no immediate word on whether an investigation into the video captured by the undercover journalists is forthcoming. Despite clearly defined rules against attempts to steer voters towards a particular candidate or party at election sites, don’t hold your breath.