Pro-Life Democratic Candidate Has A Plan For Exposing Abortion

Pro-life Democratic presidential candidate, Terrisa Bukovinac, has plans to expose the abortion industry. The plans include using her newly-announced presidential campaign to expose what she believes the abortion industry in the US is hiding.

Bukovinac recently announced her bid to run for president in the 2024 election. Voters may recognize her name for several reasons, one of them being the founder of PAAU, a pro-life activist group.

Bukovinac was also part of the 2022 expose on the Washington Surgi-Center Clinic. Bukovinac and her vice president at PAAU found the remains of over 100 first-trimester babies and several preemie-sized babies in the trash outside the facility. This was a discovery that showed the practice of illegal late-term abortions within the clinic.

In that case, the doctor, Cesare Santangelo, was not brought up on any criminal charges. However, Bukovinac and several members of PAAU were.

Keeping in line with her protests and investigative efforts into abortion practices around the country, Bukovinac is now focusing on using the campaign trail. In a recent statement, Bukovinac declared what her goal is: “I will not stop until the toxic relationship between the Democratic Party and the abortion industry is broken and those children, and the countless children like them, have justice. A better world is possible, and it starts with us.”

The question is how Bukovinac plans on using her campaigns to put a spotlight on what really happens within the abortion industry. The answer is simple. She will use her campaign ads.

According to Bukovinac, there is one reason that using campaign ads is the best way for her to get the word out. “Any FCC TV station is required to run the ads of all federal candidates, and we will together expose this injustice.”

This means that anything she puts in the ad must be run and cannot be taken down due to violations. Rather than continue to use traditional methods of protesting, Bukovinac has chosen a way to get the word out and to make sure that people see and hear it. Even if they don’t like what they see, they will talk about it. That is exactly what Bukovinac wants and it will definitely get the word out.