Pro-Life Activists Block Opening Of Planned Parenthood In California City

Pro-life advocates have succeeded in blocking the opening of a new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Visalia, California.

The abortion industry leader’s application for a permit to operate in the city stalled out in the Visalia City Council on Monday after pro-lifers and local business owners pushed back. Planned Parenthood currently operates one other location inside Visalia.

Planned Parenthood Vice President for Government Affairs Lauren Babb said that the organization was forced to give up an option on the proposed locations because of “strong objection from the community.”

Local activists wrote multiple letters to the local newspaper editor and organized protests for the Monday meeting.

Patricia June Boon with Tulare-Kings Right to Life wrote in her letter to the Visalia Times-Delta last week that their “love for our neighbors drove her group’s opposition.” She said that elected leaders needed to hear voices of opposition from everyday citizens to know just how many people strongly oppose any new Planned Parenthood outlets.

Dave Paynter is the local commercial property owner and said that a Planned Parenthood clinic would involve pro-life protesters taking up needed parking spaces for his business tenants. The proposed location for the abortion clinic was on the same street as his property.

He told the city planning commission in December that the size of demonstrations that take place outside of Planned Parenthood locations typically would be very harmful to businesses located at the Sequoia Mall, including Marshalls and Bed Bath & Beyond. Paynter appealed the approval of the permit at that time to the city council.

Planned Parenthood had not disclosed through its representative, the Orosco Group, in the initial permit application that it was the entity planning to use the space. The application only said that the proposed location would be for a “leading provider of high-quality healthcare services” to include pediatric and adult primary care. It also said it would service thousands of “women, men and children.”

Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson said that the abortion provider, which killed almost 350,000 babies in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, wants people to “stop saying abortion is only a small part” of the organization. She added that she thinks “abortion is health care” and Planned Parenthood is “a proud abortion provider.”