Pro-Antifa Teacher Paid Handsomely to Just Go Away

A California teacher who declared on film that he gets 180 days to scare the **** out of students and turn them into revolutionaries was paid three years’ salary to walk away. Gabriel Gipe received $190,000 after spending years indoctrinating teenagers under his tutelage.

He was secretly recorded by Project Veritas, which is known for going undercover and exposing leftist doctrinaires in academia and elsewhere. It was August 2021 when Gipe’s ultra-radical views came to light after being recorded.

For example, the Inderkum High School teacher in Sacramento stated his goal was to turn students into “revolutionaries.” He admitted to being a member of the leftist and often violent group Antifa, and he even gave students extra credit for attending Antifa events.

Students merely had to participate in protests, community events, or other Antifa “programs” and write a “reflection” to get the extra points.

An Antifa flag hung on his wall, and at least at one point a student expressed their discomfort at having it prominently displayed in a public school classroom.

Gipe told the student that the flag was there to make fascists feel uncomfortable. He said that if that’s the case, “I don’t really know what to tell you” and that the student “maybe should not be aligning with the values” that the Antifa flag is against.

After the video came to light, District Superintendent Chris Evans said he was going to terminate Gipe. However, in January the system agreed to pay the admitted Antifa member $190,000 to resign and simply walk away.

In the agreement, he was not to fight the district’s actions. Meanwhile the school system would not comment on the terms of his separation and only give dates of employment and such information to potential future employers.

The Sacramento Bee reported Gipe received roughly $100,000 after taxes for being a revolutionary and trying to recruit students under his supervision. The disgraced teacher resigned in January from the district after the video surfaced.

The system said the decision to pay Gipe to depart was “basic math.” Between paying him through the process of termination and attorney’s fees that would go along with it, the sensible thing to do was pay to walk away.

Of course it is good that Mr. Gipe is no longer spreading his political radicalism to impressionable students and even rewarding them academically for participation. But how did it get to that point to start with, and why were his failures not exposed earlier?