Pro-Abortion Pennsylvania Legislator Introducing Bill To Force Vasectomies

Rep. Chris Rabb is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives who says he will propose a bill to force men in the Keystone State to get medical vasectomies if they have fathered three children.

Rabb sent out a tweet on Saturday that said the law he intended to introduce would require “inseminators” to receive mandatory vasectomy procedures after having a third child or reaching their 40th birthday, whichever happens first.

He claimed that his measure would allow women to sue men who “wrongfully conceive” a child in civil court and give $10,000 to women who report legislation infractions.

Rabb added that as long as other state legislators restrict reproductive rights of “cis women, trans men, and non-binary folx,” laws enforcing responsibility on “men who impregnate them!” should be enacted.

The letter was sent in reaction to the recently approved Texas Heartbeat Act, which outlaws most abortions when a fetal heartbeat is medically discovered. That usually occurs at about the sixth week of gestation. Rabb was also fairly obviously referencing the $10,000 award of civil damages allowed under the Texas law to private citizens who prosecute court cases in Texas for violations of the new law.

Regardless of whether Rabb was being serious or was using Twitter to get some publicity for an inflammatory statement, he said that his idea of forced vasectomies was inspired by Kelly Cassidy, a Democratic state legislator in Illinois. 

Cassidy recently proposed an amendment to a pending bill in Illinois that would force men to watch a graphic medical video about Viagra and its side effects before being allowed to purchase the prescription medication.

On Twitter, she refers to herself as Illinois’ “gay politician” and the “author of the worst legislation.”

Twitter never disappoints when it comes to free entertainment, and it seems that there is no shortage of Democratic politicians using the platform to test out new material should they ever decide to go into stand-up comedy. Of course, posting on Twitter isn’t quite the same thing as attracting a paying audience.