Private American Citizens Are ‘Risking Their Lives’ In Afghanistan Doing ‘What Our Troops Should Be Doing’

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the Afghanistan crisis become more critical with each passing day. But now, as Biden’s deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan draws closer, the situation in Afghanistan is getting more serious, as many American citizens and Afghans who have aided the American government over the past 20 years remain stuck in Afghanistan. However, the Biden administration attempts to mislead the public by boasting about the number of people evacuated from Afghanistan, which ignores that many Americans and vulnerable Afghans remain trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Many people have been able to flee Afghanistan thanks to the evacuation efforts of the United States and its allies. Still, irrespective of these efforts, many Americans remain stuck in Afghanistan, as the U.S. government relies on the Taliban to facilitate these foreign citizens in leaving the state. But this leads us to question why the American troops are still present in Afghanistan if the Taliban have to be the ones to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan.

Since the U.S. administration appears to be least concerned about the well-being of its citizens, many individuals have recently taken it upon themselves to aid this crisis in whatever way that they can. Considering the current situation, two congressmen from the U.S decided to take an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to analyze the severity of the condition, which completely flipped out the officials at the Pentagon. In addition to this, a group of veterans of the U.S. Army launched a Pineapple Express mission. They carefully facilitated the entry of American citizens and their families inside the U.S. Army-controlled wing of the Kabul airport at night. The group has so far managed to bring more than 500 people into the safe custody of the U.S. military in the last ten days.

Although such military groups are audacious to cooperate for a humanitarian cause, actions like these remind us that the U.S. administration’s limited initiatives to fix the situation have forced other actors to step in and take the lead. Since the UN Mercenary Convention forbids the U.S. military to conduct such operations, it left no choice for the civilians to covertly intervene in this issue themselves.