President Biden’s First Year With Border Crisis

President Joe Biden gave a two-hour news conference on immigration reform but received no questions concerning the border or immigration concerns. Immigration is his public’s least favorite topic, and it was even before his overall popularity rating plummeted.

With over 1.7 million arrests at the southern border in fiscal 2021, the border calamity surpasses anything they’ve ever seen. There is an asteroid for sale if you believe any of those 700,000 will depart if their asylum requests are denied (as they will be in the vast majority of cases). During President Biden’s first 365 days in office, there will be 2 million border arrests. Approximately 700,000 were released into the United States (the others being expelled under a public health order).

Moreover, since President Biden assumed office, the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States unlawfully from Mexico has increased considerably. In contrast, the deportation of illegal aliens from within the nation has decreased dramatically. According to data received through a Freedom of Information Act request, the number of deportations from the United States dropped by 80% in the first five months of Biden’s presidency.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, as of January 19, one day before President Joe Biden’s first anniversary in office, the Trump Administration had issued 296 executive actions on immigration. In comparison, the Biden Administration took 86 executive actions in its first year and 472 during his four-year presidency. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens will be granted work permits, and the law that prevents welfare recipients from receiving green cards will be repealed.

There has been speculation of this being “Trump’s second term,” with claims that Biden has continued “the most restrictionist, harsh, and potentially unlawful border policies” in his second term (meaning Title 42).

Some Haitians camping beneath the bridge in Del Rio were deported back to their homeland. Some Central Americans are repatriated on semi-secret deportation flights to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Two of the White House’s most outspoken anti-borders leaders have just announced their exits. However, they will have little influence because they do not represent a genuine shift.