Pollster Larry Sabato: Biden Trails Trump Significantly As Election Nears

Larry Sabato, a prominent political analyst known for his critical views on former President Donald Trump, shared a grim outlook for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign during a recent CNN interview. Sabato revealed that the gap between Biden and Trump has widened considerably, with the latest polls indicating a significant lead for Trump.

Sabato’s remarks come amid increasing concerns within the Democratic Party about Biden’s ability to secure a second term. The interview, which took place before Biden’s contentious discussion with George Stephanopoulos, highlighted the deepening challenges faced by Biden’s campaign.

Discussing the latest data, Sabato emphasized that the situation is dire for Biden. “I don’t think [President Biden] can change the dynamic with one interview,” Sabato stated. “The bleeding has been bad. We’ve been looking at all the data coming in, all the surveys — some public, some private — and it’s bad. Democrats need to understand that things are not stable, and it is no longer close. The race between Biden and Trump is no longer close.”

According to Sabato, the most recent polls, including one conducted by CNN, show Trump leading Biden by six percentage points. “Biden, who was maybe even or just two points behind Trump, is now six points behind in these polls,” he explained. “That’s millions and millions of voters. And what is it that’s going to restore them? A good interview, a good rally? Come on.”

The polling data presents a troubling picture for the Democratic Party as it grapples with how to navigate the upcoming election. Sabato’s analysis suggests that Biden’s recent debate performance, widely seen as a poor showing, has further eroded his support.

The Democratic Party now faces the daunting task of addressing Biden’s vulnerabilities while finding a strategy to close the gap with Trump. With the election rapidly approaching, the urgency to reassess and adjust their campaign strategy is paramount.

As the polls continue to reflect a widening lead for Trump, Sabato’s stark warning serves as a wake-up call for the Democratic Party. The focus now shifts to how Biden’s campaign can regain momentum and whether new strategies can mitigate the damage done by recent setbacks.