Poll: Most Voters Say Biden Is A Weak Leader

Biden’s strategies leading to and after the Takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban have led to many people questioning his abilities as a leader. According to polls conducted regarding the efficiency of Biden as a leader in such a time, more than 50% of the poll voters support the idea of Biden being a weak leader, more than 30% believe that Biden is a frail leader. In contrast, approximately 40% of the voters considered him to be a strong leader.

Last week, the government in Afghanistan was overthrown and taken control over by the Taliban, as U.S forces situated in Afghanistan made an overnight evacuation, leaving many U.S citizens stranded in a chaotic, unstable, and unsafe Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. As states like the U.S. have been making all possible attempts to evacuate the personnel and citizens stuck in Afghanistan, such rescue missions have been challenging to implement as thousands of Afghans, desperately looking to escape their Taliban-controlled country, flock to the premises of Kabul airport. So much so that the situation at Kabul airport is highly critical, as many Afghans attempt to leave the state in any way possible, which has led to conflicts, bloodshed, and even deaths.

Not only this, but many Afghan citizens looking to leave the country blocked the airport’s entrances, as officials keep them from entering the airport premises, with only foreign citizens and people with completed travel documentation allowed to leave the country. The situation is so dire that many Afghan nationals look for any possible way to escape the Taliban regime, resorting to extreme measures. For instance, those desperate to leave the country clung for their lives to airplanes that were leaving the Kabul airport. It led to some casualties, with Afghanis falling to their death as the aircraft took flight, globally alarming all authorities regarding these Afghans’ terror against the Taliban rule.

The polls conducted to analyze public perceptions about Biden indicate that 44% of the voters have a pessimistic view about the remaining period of Biden running the Presidential office. 49% of the voters shared that they lacked confidence in Biden’s capabilities to manage such crises at international platforms. In contrast, a mere 39% of voters were confident in Biden’s ability to handle such a situation.