Police Investigate Alleged Election Bribe In Utah Attorney General Race

A police investigation has been initiated into allegations of election bribery involving a candidate vying for the Utah attorney general position, sparking concerns about potential misconduct and integrity in the upcoming GOP primary.

The controversy surrounds Frank Mylar, one of the candidates competing against Rachel Terry and Derek Brown for the attorney general seat.

Mylar allegedly reached out to Trent Christensen, a former AG candidate, with a text message offering an endorsement in exchange for a potential role in his office if elected.

The text message, sent ahead of the Utah GOP convention in April, prompted Christensen to report the alleged bribe to both the police and the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Mylar’s message, which hinted at offering Christensen a position in his office, raised red flags regarding potential violations of Utah election laws.

Despite Mylar’s subsequent claim that the message was sent in error and his attempt to retract it, the Murray police launched an investigation into the matter. The incident has ignited concerns about the integrity of the attorney general race and the potential influence of external factors.

The involvement of state officials, particularly Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson’s (R) office, responsible for overseeing elections in Utah, has raised questions about transparency and accountability in the political process. However, Henderson’s office has refrained from commenting on the ongoing investigation, citing the need to maintain impartiality.

The situation has drawn parallels to a past bribery case in Utah politics, underscoring the importance of upholding ethical standards and ensuring fair electoral practices. If the investigation leads to Mylar’s withdrawal from the race, it would leave Brown and Terry as the remaining GOP candidates for the attorney general position.

As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders and voters alike are closely monitoring developments, emphasizing the significance of maintaining the integrity and credibility of the electoral process in Utah.