Police Chief Tied To Controversial Newspaper Raid Suspended

Marion Mayor Dave Mayfield has confirmed the suspension of Police Chief Gideon Cody. Cody led the contentious raid on a small newspaper in Kansas, as reported by sources on Friday. According to Mayfield, Cody had been under suspension since Thursday.

Mayfield conveyed this information via text message and refrained from providing further details regarding the suspension. He did not disclose whether Cody was currently receiving his salary.

The searches conducted on August 11, 2023, at the Marion County Recorder’s office and the residences of its publisher and a city council member, had triggered significant criticism. During the search, Cody alleged that reporter Phyllis Zorn had unlawfully obtained driving records.

In recently disclosed video footage, the 98-year-old mother of the Marion County Record’s publisher confronts law enforcement officers while searching their residence. Joan Meyer passed away the following day. Her son attributes her untimely death to the emotional distress caused by the raid.

Those unlawfully obtained records reportedly belonged to local restaurateur Kari Newell. Newell accused the newspaper of accessing her drunk driving-related information without authorization and sharing it with Marion councilwoman Ruth Herbel.

Less than a week after the controversial raid, Marion County Attorney Joel Ensey declared that the available evidence was insufficient to justify the invasion.

He stated, “Insufficient evidence exists to establish a legally sufficient nexus between this alleged crime and the places searched and the items seized… As a result, I have submitted a proposed order asking the court to release the evidence seized. I have asked local law enforcement to return the material seized to the owners of the property.”

There have yet to be any statements from Cody’s legal representatives. The suspension of Police Chief Gideon Cody following the controversial raid on a local newspaper has raised questions and concerns within the community.

Although Mayor Mayfield confirmed the suspension, crucial details regarding the decision remain undisclosed. The controversial raid has stirred strong criticism and allegations of unlawful information sharing, prompting a thorough examination.

As this situation unfolds, the community anxiously anticipates more updates and clarity concerning Chief Cody’s suspension and the repercussions of the raid.