PetSmart Blasted For LGBT Products For Pets

PetSmart is the latest retail giant to come under fire over its woke marketing of LGBT items — in its case to dogs, cats, and other household pets.

Just in time for Pride Month, the company rolled out a brand new line of LGBT-inspired products. These include a bikini for dogs, butterfly cat leashes, and costumes for reptiles that include capes.

PetSmart has reportedly carried such items since 2019, but this year featured an updated merchandise list.

The corporation is also celebrating June with a 200,000 donation to the radical LGBT group GLSEN. Many conservatives sharply criticized the company for its attempts to influence teachers to indoctrinate students into radical gender ideology.

‘Tis the season for boycotts in the U.S. Bud Light started the ball rolling in March with its partnership with a transgender influencer. Then it was Target’s turn in the spotlight as consumers reacted angrily to aggressively marketing LGBT merchandise to small children.

Tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization have been lost just by these two corporations.

Now comes PetSmart with its new “You Are Loved” collection just in time for Pride Month. One Twitter user noted the “You Are Love PRIDE Dog Dress and Bikini. This is unacceptable. Please boycott.”

Another worried that their Catahoula would turn on them, and still another posted that they’ve now added PetSmart to the list of businesses on their “permanent boycott.”

One social media user lamented the fact that people would put a bikini on a dog. “My heart goes out to dogs whose ‘owners’ would put them in a freakin’ bikini.”

Not everyone was upset by the new lineup of PetSmart merchandise. One user noted that the company has had similar products before and remarked, “how pathetic.”

Another said their dogs enjoy their “pride” donuts.

As for the company itself, PetSmart’s senior vice president and chief merchandising officer Kristin Shane commented on its stand in May. She said the corporation is proud to elevate the voices and experiences of the LGBT community.”

June is becoming more of a focal point for corporate America to show just how much they are bending the knee to woke activists. PetSmart is only the latest and will not be the last to see just how much a majority of Americans dislike having radical gender ideology shoved in their faces.