People Are Noticing The One Word Biden Didn’t Say In His UN Speech

Some things go without saying, but others should be loud and clear. President Joe Biden decided not to mention China or Russia at his United Nations speech but instead pushed climate change and Covid-19.  

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese government has sent a warship off the coast of Alaska. It isn’t something brand new, and it was reported on September 14, 20201. The Chinese government is bridging the gap between threat and action with strategic military moves that threaten what Biden would call “a shooting war” against the United States.  

The Russian government has slowed their pipeline to the United Kingdom as the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline is finishing, forcing the United Kingdom to beg the Russians to open the pipeline and give the Russians a strategic hold over the United Kingdom. It was the fear from the beginning. Biden decided to waive sanctions on Russia and instead banned their ammunition from being imported by the United States. It seems like a strategic move for Biden to punish not only Russia but also gun owners.  

For Biden to ignore those issues at the UN speech speaks volumes to his fear, or disregard, of other countries making moves against the US.  

Climate change is the least of the concerns of the world at this moment. Much is going on that could cause widespread death and destruction, and climate change isn’t at the top of that list.  

While talking about climate change, Biden said, “You all know it and feel it.” No, Joe. We feel the acceptance of the Taliban coming our way and Covid-19 lockdowns that are affecting businesses and people’s livelihoods and the threat of war against the United States. Americans feel Biden’s failed policy on the southern border will have years of impacts on the job market. What we feel is the infrastructure bill that will raise taxes on every American. Biden can say that taxes won’t be raised on people making less than $400,000 a year, but when the bill includes a millage tax for vehicle travel, yes, we’ll all pay more taxes.  

If Biden cared about climate change, he would push for oil independence for the United States. If we kept our oil production and distribution here, our “carbon footprint” would be lower because imports wouldn’t be as high. Countries worldwide have different regulations on oil production that leave a more significant carbon footprint than the United States could. If the federal government would wake up and realize that we can produce oil for our people, it would keep pollution to a minimum. There wouldn’t be a need to import it from overseas.  

Biden has put himself, and Americans, in a wrong spot with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The disaster that was displayed that put our allies in a position to try to get their people out without US assistance showed the world that we aren’t as reliable as we seem. Biden pushed up the date to comply with the Taliban’s demand without considering the impact it would have on others.  

The worst thing that Biden said was that the freedoms, security, and prosperity are interconnected with the rest of the world in a shared effort. That couldn’t be further from the truth. China, Russia, and Afghanistan have no impact on America’s freedom. Biden needs to work on his own country before trying to help others, especially after coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our responsibilities to the citizens of the United States rest solely on the stability inside of the United States, not the stability elsewhere. This “one-world government” or “new world order” isn’t interconnected with the freedoms that America offers.