Pentagon Follows Biden’s Lead With Unveiling of “Equity” Plan

The Department of Defense is out with its President Biden-mandated “equity report,” a series of procedural changes to equalize outcomes and align with the administration’s goals for transforming American society. The White House mandated these reports across all federal departments hours after the president’s inauguration.

Never mind the Russian invasion of Ukraine, North Korea launching massive ICBMs and China threatening Taiwan. What will make our nation sleep better at night is removing “barriers that underserved communities and individuals face” and, of course, battalions of transgender soldiers.

The DOD says it will reshuffle its supply chain to ensure opportunities for the underserved and elevate several programs to assist areas around military bases. These include American Indian outreach initiatives and environmental efforts, among others.

The equity report notes that “extremist or dissident ideologies” are against the principles of the Department. Further, the DOD will make targeted investments in “underserved communities” and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) along with educational programs.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin last year ordered military leaders to facilitate open discussion of the DOD’s principle that the armed forces should be “free of discrimination, hate and harrassment.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), a former Navy SEAL, is taking a stand against woke ideology in the military. The veteran decries allowing “progressive Pentagon staffers” to call the shots for troops and the “spineless military commanders” who allow it to happen.

Less than a year ago, Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier had the audacity to comment on the military’s inclusion and diversity training programs. Speaking on a podcast while promoting his book on Marxism in the military, Lohmeier specifically called out the New York Times’ radical 1619 Project and critical race theory.

Both, he asserts, are rooted in Marxism. Lohmeier was relieved of his command.

Having more transgender soldiers and switching to solar-powered tanks may make progressives feel better about themselves, but they are not steps toward a more secure nation. The armed forces are what secures the nation in 2022, and all the liberal window dressing in the world does not change that. Enforce discipline as always, root out divisiveness when it’s actually there, and defend the country.