Pelosi Plays Down Getting Disinvited From Obama Birthday Bash

President Barack Obama had plans for a massive bash at his Martha’s Vineyard estate to celebrate his 60th birthday. COVID pandemic notwithstanding, the guest list swelled to over 500. After the mild press scrutiny that the former president is ever likely to receive got a bit uncomfortable, he had to pare the gathering down to just “close friends and family.”

Some leaked photos and video from the party reveal that the A-Listers still attended and the types of pandemic precautions the rest of us are compelled to observe were nowhere in sight. Steven Spielberg, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and John Kerry were all part of the gathering of close friends. One political superstar who didn’t make the final list was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi didn’t make it beyond the “Covid-cut,” although she was already in town at Martha’s Vineyard. In addition to the Obama affair, the most influential Congressional Democrat was on the island for another dinner in her honor.

It was also reported that Obama bumped into Pelosi unexpectedly on Saturday afternoon at the Vineyard Havens Country Club. Pelosi was at the club having lunch with Oprah Winfrey, and Obama was finishing a round of golf. He approached Pelosi’s table, but it was unknown if he made any apologies or ended up inviting Pelosi.

The Speaker attended St. Elizabeth’s Church on the island Sunday morning and paused for photos outside after the service. When she was asked about not going to the Obama party, she said she had other engagements to attend.

There were likely other Democrat events other than the party on the island that Pelosi was interested in. With the group that assembled on the island for the weekend, she had plans to discuss with other power brokers. It is rather hard to imagine that she would have been very interested in going there to dance and mingle at a party.