Pelosi Allegedly Had Direct Involvement In Milley’s January Military Takeover

The reports this week of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley’s interactions with his Chinese counterpart to undermine the civil authority of President Donald Trump over the U.S. military in the final days of the Trump administration have brought back concerns from reporting at the time about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s involvement.

It was reported this week that Milley called a secret meeting at his Pentagon office on January 8 to review the process for taking military action against hostile nations, including using nuclear weapons.

Milley allegedly instructed top military officers in charge of the Pentagon’s war room not to take orders regarding the use of military force unless he was there. He required each officer present to acknowledge his order verbally.

At the same time, it was alleged that Milley contacted the Chinese military commander and advised him that he would personally provide him with a warning of any American attack on his country. President Trump was reported not knowing about Milley’s orders to his officers or his communications with the Chinese military.

RedState wrote about Milley’s actions, pointing out that they came after receiving a phone call from Pelosi, who told him that she wanted Milley to “stand in the way” of any military action by Trump until Joe Biden took office. In any event, such instructions would unconstitutionally contradict the power of the president to act as the civilian Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military powers.

Pelosi allegedly asked Milley at the time if there was anybody in the administration who was not “kissing his fat butt” and added that Trump had been “crazy for a long time.” Milley allegedly responded by telling Pelosi that he agreed with her “on everything.” After that call, Milley ordered that all military actions and nuclear decisions go directly through him.

The more we learn, the more apparent an “insurrection” took place in Washington in January. It was different from the one the Democrats and the corporate media have tried to sell the American public.