Party Affiliation Swings 14 Percent Away From Democrats Under Biden’s Watch

As Joe Biden marks the first anniversary of his disastrous administration, including the chaos at the southern border, the catastrophic withdrawal of US military forces from Afghanistan, and his COVID-19 missteps and failures, American voters appear to be saying enough is enough.

Recent polling information released by Gallup shows that there has been a 14-point turnaround in party affiliation among Americans since Biden assumed office. That stands as grim news for Democrats as the 2022 midterm election cycle gets underway in earnest.

At the beginning of the Biden administration, 49 percent of Americans responded to a Gallup poll by saying they either identified as or leaned toward Democrat. At the time, only 40 percent said they were placed as or leaned Republican.

In Biden’s first year, the Democrat’s 9 point advantage has crashed into a 5 point deficit. Only 42 percent of respondents are on the Democrat side, with 47 percent identifying with Republicans.

Biden’s presidential approval rating numbers have gone in the same direction. Just after he took office, he stood at 56 percent approval. That has fallen to 42 percent recently, according to the RealClearPolitics average. Even worse for Democrats, a Quinnipiac poll released last week indicated Biden’s approval had sunk to 33 percent. That is tied with the liberal-leaning organization’s lowest presidential approval rating since President Donald Trump had the exact figure after the Capital riot last January.

Biden’s approval among the crucial group of independent voters sits at a dismal 25 percent. Among Hispanics, he is also struggling at 28 percent. Among the home-team Democrats, his number fell from 87 percent in November to 75 percent currently.

Biden got a 34 percent approval figure on his handling of the economy. His numbers were similarly terrible on foreign policy at 35 percent and the COVID-19 pandemic at 39 percent.

The coming weeks and months will undoubtedly involve some desperate attempts by Democrats to turn the tide somehow before the critical midterm election date in November. It is difficult to predict where they will turn next with “Build Back Better” and efforts to nationalize all elections left on the scrap heap. It isn’t easy to predict where they will turn next.