Paid Shirtless Camel Ride In The Middle East Of Eric Swalwell & Comrade

Freedom can be described as being maskless in any setting nowadays, even when riding a camel in the desert and violating the Covid-19 policies of a foreign country. Eric Swalwell (D-California) and Ruben Gallego (D-Arizona) were pictured taking a camel ride with their wives in Qatar during a memorable interest-funded trip. The US-Qatar Business Council funded the $84,621.59 trip that included Luis Correa (D-California), Sara Jacobs (D-California), and Lisa McClain (R-Michigan). The trip was meant to boost business relations between Qatar and the U.S.

Qatar’s Oil and natural gas production make up a significant portion of its Governmental revenue. Yousuf Al-Jaida told CNBC in January 2021 that Qatar Financial Centre is seeking to attract $25 billion foreign direct investment inflows by 2022. Earlier this year, Joe Biden signed an executive order that shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline in the U.S. It’s not clear if any of the lawmakers discussed the substance of investments, but what is clear is that they do not care about Covid-19.

At the time of the trip, Covid-19 infection was rising in the area. During the March trip, Qatar Covid-19 cases were on the rise. The daily infection rate went from 473 on March 1st to 780 on March 31st. When the picture of Swalwell and Gallego was taken, nobody in the area was wearing a mask. At the time, Qatar had a mask mandate in place, even in an outdoor setting.

Swalwell got into a verbal confrontation with Nick Dyer, an aide to Marjorie Taylor Greene, about masks back in May, after the Qatar trip. Swalwell was confronted about why he was wearing a mask and responded with, “Don’t tell me what to f- do.” Swalwell also claimed he was bullied. According to Eric Swalwell’s Twitter account, on March 4th, he tweeted saying, “stay home.” Maybe Swalwell should stop telling others what to do if he expects the same in return.

Swalwell’s controversy doesn’t end there. In December of 2020, Swalwell got very cozy with Christine Fang, a suspected Chinese spy. Swalwell should turn his focus from masks to his political integrity. That is if he has any left.

Fang has slept with two mayors, and Swalwell has not confirmed his sexual relations with Fang. While it isn’t believed that Fang obtained classified information, the news is still very troublesome for up-and-coming politicians who were the target of intelligence gathering.

Swalwell served on the House Intelligence Committee while he and Fang were close. Fang helped campaign for him and helped him get elected. Swalwell was moved from the committee by a 218-200-3 vote across party lines. Swalwell was reappointed to the House Intelligence Committee by Nancy Pelosi in January 2021. Swalwell blamed his removal for the opposition of Donald Trump.