Opposition to Jackson’s Nomination Compared to Segregationists

Frequent MSNBC contributor and former candidate for NYC mayor Maya Wiley leveled sharp criticism Monday at Republicans who oppose Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Wiley, in an exchange with “The ReidOut” host Joy Reid, said the GOP members “don’t want this black woman” on the bench and referenced segregationists in her attack.

Wily claimed the naysayers sent a message to black people that it does not matter what you accomplish, “you will not be good enough.” Ignoring the longest tenured justice on the high court, Clarence Thomas, Wiley and Reid also berated Republicans for having an “ideological litmus test.”

Are memories so short that no one recalls the last Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, less than 18 months ago? The same Amy Coney Barrett who saw 10 Senate Judiciary Committee members boycott the vote to advance her nomination to the full Senate? The same nominee who was confirmed without a single Democratic vote in support?

Of course, they remember. But the left depends on shrill emotional outcries to drown out annoying facts, as we’ve so clearly seen in Florida recently.

Even better, Reid asked if Jackson’s opponents “care (if) they come down on the Dixiecrat side of history.” Dixiecrats, for anyone who cares, were Democrats who briefly broke with the national party over segregation only to rejoin the Democratic party after the 1948 presidential election.

Senators have a constitutional duty to question nominees to determine if, in their determination, the individual should be confirmed. The left and their media cohorts continually bring up that Jackson has been confirmed by the Senate before.

Yes, she has, but very few Republicans backed her for those positions either, finding for various reasons that she was unsuitable. As Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) noted after being eviscerated for daring to question the nominee, asking questions is the purpose of the hearings and does not constitute an attack.

Speaking of short memories, we are less than four years removed from Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings. Do Democrats remember the vicious and unsubstantiated accusations of something that supposedly happened 36 years ago, with alleged witnesses who cooperated with investigators and each denied any recollection of what the accuser says?