Only 19% of Hispanics Approve of Biden’s Job Performance

You might assume that Hispanic voters would approve of President Joe Biden because he played “Despacito” on stage or that Jill Biden said the Hispanic community is “as unique as breakfast tacos,” but that’s not the case. A new poll shows that only 19% of Hispanics approve of how Biden has handled his position so far.

The Quinnipiac poll shows that along with the shockingly low approval rating, the poll revealed that if the election were today, 42% of Hispanic voters would vote Republican and 40% would vote Democrat.

In relation to foreign policy, only 23% of Hispanics approve of the way Biden is handling foreign policy compared to 35% of White people.

Hispanics aren’t even as concerned about climate change, racial inequality, COVID-19, or immigration (all falling 6% or below) as they are about inflation at 41% and gun violence at 12% when they were asked about the most urgent issue facing the country.

In fact, the only poll where Hispanics were slightly more favorable to Biden was if he should run in 2024. Hispanics led White people by 1%, but it was still shockingly low at 22%.

Outside of the presidential preference, more Hispanics said they would likely vote for a Republican for the House of Representatives over Democrats at 42% to 40%. Almost the same as the House, Hispanics said that they would vote for a Republican for U.S. Senate at 45% over a Democrat at 42%.

The poll consisted of 1,523 Americans and was conducted between July 14 to July 18.

The poll highlights how far Hispanics have come since the 2020 election. Florida had the highest percentage of Hispanics who voted for former President Donald Trump, and no state had a majority.

Among Latino genders, there’s also a split. AS/COA reported, “In the five states below—where Latinos make up at least 1 in 5 voters—Biden led Trump among Latino men by 19 points (58-39) on average and among Latina women by 33 points (65-32).”

The report also noted that in California and Florida, Hispanic men and women voted about the same but in Nevada, Hispanic men voted for Trump at almost double the rate that Hispanic women voted for Biden.

Still, the new poll shows that Hispanic voters take no sympathy for Biden opening the border. They lean more heavily toward inflation as the main voting issue than any other issue and it’s likely that they’ll hold the same position in the November midterm election.