Obama Slams Former Doctor for Questioning Biden’s Cognitive Health

Former President Barack Obama lashed out at his former White House physician as “unprofessional” for saying then-candidate Joe Biden needed a cognitive ability test.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) was the White House physician for three U.S. presidents before his successful run for Congress. He is also a former U.S. Navy admiral, and he revealed the admonishment from Obama in a forthcoming book.

He took incredible heat from the left for his 2018 conclusion that former President Donald Trump was in “excellent” mental shape. Dr. Jackson reported that Trump “had absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever.”

This, of course, did not sit well with Democrats or their media partners.

Then came the 2020 presidential campaign. Seeing Biden forget what state he was in and which office he was running for alarmed Jackson. The doctor tweeted that candidate Biden should submit to the same cognitive test he administered to Trump.

It was just 20 minutes later when Jackson received a scathing email from Obama, who he’d served in the White House along with former President George W. Bush and Trump.

Obama took him to task for the “cheap shot” he leveled at Biden, calling it “unprofessional and beneath the office.” Jackson was told that his suggestion was “disrespectful” to both Obama and other members of his administration.

The former president continued his scolding by telling Dr. Jackson, “I expect better.” He then added, as if talking to an unruly child, that he hoped “you will expect more of yourself in the future.”

Jackson repeated his observations about Biden in April, saying everyone could see that the president was “having some issues.” Emphasizing that he was not attempting to diagnose the president, Jackson again called for a cognitive test.

As he said in April, the risk of war with Russia demands a mentally competent U.S. president. Biden also notably appeared to call for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s removal and grossly misstated U.S. policy on protecting Taiwan. The White House had to quickly backtrack.

Dr. Jackson’s claims about Obama’s rebuke are hardly surprising. The former president clearly saw himself as the smartest person in the room, whether true or not. But it’s Jackson’s clear-eyed observations of the current president that should give Americans the most pause.