NYPD Vaccine Mandate Enforcement Set To Begin

President Joe Biden told the nation on Thursday that his “six-prong plan” for stepping up the federal response to COVID-19 will now include conjuring up a new power out of thin air that will tell private employers some people must be fired. The vaccine mandates already in place in New York City are about ready to go into full effect.

Beginning on Monday, all New York Police Department employees will have to be vaccinated or get a weekly COVID-19 test to draw their paycheck.

The NYPD mandate is just the latest in the string of rules by leftist Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio this year as he creates new executive powers using the pandemic as cover. Earlier this summer, he imposed a vaccine mandate for all 340,000 city employees.

He also created a vaccine passport system that requires most businesses open to the public to inspect vaccination documents and official identification before providing service to private citizens.

The mayor has been very clear in his intentions, telling the public that the jab is required if “you want to participate in our society fully.” He also used an old Marxist trope in an MSNBC interview this summer, saying that “human beings” respond to the “carrot and stick” way of enforcing mandates.

The New York Post has reported that the NYPD has adopted official department policies that implement the mayor’s vaccine mandate for all police employees. Uniformed and civilian personnel who have refused to get fully vaccinated will be required to take a PCR test every week and then report the results to a new police database and tracking system.

Rapid tests will not qualify, and employees will be responsible for the cost of testing, which must be done on their off-duty time. The department will be making free testing at several locations in the city for employees.

The Post also reports that less than half of NYPD personnel were vaccinated according to numbers released by the department in late August.

In addition to the vaccine requirement, the department has also put strict masking requirements in place for all officers. All officers must be masked when interacting with civilians, and unvaccinated officers must wear a mask at all times when on duty, even when outdoors.