NYC To House 160 Illegal Immigrant Families In Luxury Hotel

New York City plans to house 160 families of illegal immigrants at the Washington Jefferson Hotel in the Manhattan neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, as the city continues to deal with a “state of emergency” because of an influx of illegals.

Many of these illegal immigrants are being bussed to NYC by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who transported them to the Democrat-run city as part of a plan to force leftists to face the consequences of President Joe Biden’s “open border policies,” which they support.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) has struggled to respond to the wave of illegals. City officials have placed some of the new arrivals in a tent city on Randall’s Island — where they were provided with free WiFi, videogames, laundry service and even a popcorn maker, among other amenities.

Republican governors, including Abbott, have contributed to the arrival of over 20,000 illegal immigrants to New York in the span of just a few months.

Approximately 73% of the more than 19,400 illegals that have arrived in New York City on busses remain in the city’s overcrowded homeless shelter system, according to data published by CNN.

Emails obtained by W42ST reveal that, on Monday evening, the Department of Social Services informed local elected officials and four Manhattan Community Board members that the Washington Jefferson Hotel was chosen as a new housing site for the illegal immigrant families.

“As you are aware, New York City is currently in a state of emergency as we continue to experience a sharp increase in asylum seekers from Latin America and other regions, with more than 16,000 individuals entering New York City’s shelter system since May,” the email stated.

“The city is continuing to work to provide comprehensive support and resources to these individuals in addition to our everyday New Yorkers experiencing hardship, and at this time must move rapidly to meet our legal and moral obligation to house those in need,” the email continued.

Meanwhile, another luxury hotel — The Row NYC — has also reportedly been housing illegal immigrants, with officials stating that the hotel will hold a maximum of 200.

According to the latest estimates, approximately 5.5 million illegals have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden took office.

While Republican governors have been shipping illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities, the numbers don’t come close to the Biden administration’s catch and release network. An analysis shows that the Biden administration has released approximately 1.35 million illegals into American communities from February 2021 to August 2022.