NYC Mayor Adams Faults Republicans For Democrats’ Migrant Failures

It takes a lot of gall to blame Republicans for Biden’s border mess, but gall is not in short supply for New York City Mayor Eric Adams. The Democrat on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” Sunday blamed the GOP for the massive influx of illegal migrants into his so-called “sanctuary” city.

Addressing host Margaret Brennan, Adams claimed that the crisis could be handled if Congress, “particularly the Republican Party,” enacted a comprehensive border policy.

Never mind that former President Donald Trump had a handle on illegal migration only to watch it be dismantled on day one of Biden’s presidency. And overlook the fact that successful policies were overturned by the Democratic White House in a bid to lure more voters across the border.

No, according to Adams, it’s the GOP’s fault.

The mayor did pause his criticism of the opposition party long enough to rail against the administration for not opening the checkbook for his city. Washington recently approved $30 million in aid, far short of the $4.3 billion Adams asserted NYC has spent on illegal migrants.

It is difficult to reconcile calling your city a “sanctuary” for illegal migrants in one breath while in the next saying you have no more room and cannot handle the influx you brought upon yourself.

Give Brennan some credit where it’s due. She asked the mayor how the city’s supposed status as a sanctuary transformed it into a “migrant magnet.” After all, if you roll out the red carpet and welcome everyone in, don’t be surprised if you have visitors.

Adams again deflected, declaring that “the problem is that Republicans for too many years have failed to deal with real immigration reform.” He added that “this is a national issue.”

Adams has already been forced to do an about-face on his ridiculous plans to house immigrants in public schools. He spent weeks setting up emergency accommodations in school gyms only to be rightfully scolded for placing unvetted men on school grounds.

Parents, including many immigrants themselves, rose up against this atrocity.

Furthermore, the mayor has taken to doing his own version of the busing migrants he so harshly criticized when Texas was the origin. As is well-documented, the sanctuary city is sending these illegals to other destinations further north in New York state.