NYC High School Students Displaced To House Migrants

Some 2,000 illegal aliens that are being housed in Brooklyn at Floyd Bennett Field will be evacuated before a winter storm that is traveling up the East Coast hits the city. They will be shipped to James Madison High School in anticipation of the cold front, which is expected to bring 70 mph winds and torrential downpours on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

The immigrants were previously housed in one large tent in the middle of the open airfield. City Hall spokeswoman Kayla Mamelak clarified that “this relocation is a provocative measure being taken out of an abundance of caution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of individuals working and living at the center.”

She further added that the relocation will be dependent on future weather conditions until the airfield is “once again fit for living.” Alternatively, New York City councilmember Inna Vernikov voiced her dissent, claiming

“This is both unacceptable and was entirely foreseeable, as Floyd Bennett Field is vulnerable to inclement weather conditions and is not a sustainable housing facility. This emergency move was accurately predicted by critics of the location to be used. Public schools are meant to be…for our children, and were never intended…for emergency housing.”

Vernikov reported that students were excused early Tuesday, and will be learning remotely from Wednesday until whenever the weather improves for the year. New York Public Schools released a statement stipulating that “schools will remain open and drop off and dismissal will proceed as scheduled” for all other schools.

This decision was made following New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s Thursday announcement that he and his administration filed a $700 million lawsuit against the 17 bus companies that transported illegal aliens from border cities to New York.

Adams claims they violated state law for their failure to pay for the care of the 34,000 immigrants that were sent to the Big Apple in the last 20 months — which cost a staggering three-quarters of a billion dollars.