NYC Forces Mandatory CRT Training

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced a major error this week: city employees will be forced to undergo radical racial training or risk their jobs.

Employees have under Mar. 6 to comply. The ‘racial equity’ training was announced via email.

Fox News reported that a portion of the training reads, “Structural racism/Systematic racism: Racism that occurs across multiple institutions and is integrated into politics, culture and other aspects of life. Creating a system that negatively impacts communities of color compared to White communities.”

The imposition of Critical Race Theory (C.R.T.) in education and government has been appalling. The mix of left-wing propaganda and racial grievance is one of the chief causes of division in our nation today.

The largest city in the country is deciding to embrace that division. There may have been hope that the mayor may have been immune to this sort of propaganda since he is a former police officer. However, that hope appears to be dashed.

The announcement also comes after a series of heated protests in New York over the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis.

Racial division is never the answer. The spread of left-wing activism in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death showed how dangerous such division can be.

Americans seek racial equality, not the new term of equity. Our country prides itself in fostering opportunity and an attempt at the American dream. Marxist-influenced ideas do nothing to help lift people up but only divide.

Hopefully, New York City decides to rescind this policy as soon as possible. The city should be focused on quality of life issues, including high taxes and crime. Residents would be far more grateful if the local government could solve these issues.

In many ways, Adams is fortunate to be in charge of a solid blue area. Such a decision to instill racial division would not be tolerated in most other places in the country. Chances are good that in another city, he’d be looking for another job next election.