Nonprofit Group Urges Republicans To Denounce UN Climate Warning

Climate change alarmists around the world have spent decades warning that the planet is on the verge of human-caused destruction while conveniently dismissing the series of inaccurate predictions on which the movement is built.

The United Nations has been a leading force on this front, including most recently when Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the world’s wealthiest nations to expedite their plans to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In his new report, he urged the countries to set 2040 as their goal instead of 2050 — and many skeptics balked at the recommendation.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, for example, sent a memo to Republican lawmakers urging them to issue a denunciation of Guterres’ report.

“In the wake of the latest alarmist report from the United Nations about emissions and climate change, I wanted to draw your attention to three new developments and realities that you should be aware of as debate about climate continues,” the organization wrote.

Instead of accepting the talking points employed by the U.N., the Biden administration, and other entities pushing for extreme climate action, the Competitive Enterprise Institute highlighted evidence compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showing that temperatures around the world have stabilized and even decreased since 2015.

“Despite this reality, we are told every day that every emission warms the planet,” the memo argued. “That is clearly not the case. We should not mindlessly and recklessly proceed with dangerous and expensive emissions cuts until this paradox is resolved.”

As for the feasibility of Guterres’ directive, the group cited statements by the White House predicting that, even with the current admission’s push for a green agenda, it will be impossible to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, much less 2040.

Furthermore, the memo asserts that the environmental movement’s more than 50-year track record of inconsistent and inaccurate predictions is another factor that should lead critics to “fairly question the wisdom of any rush to judgment on climate and/or the dismantling of our energy grid.”

Nevertheless, Guterres clearly endorses the type of big-spending programs favored by the Biden administration as evidenced in last year’s bloated Inflation Reduction Act, which was packed with leftist environmental agenda items.

“Our world needs climate action on all fronts — everything, everywhere, all at once,” Gutteres recently advised.