Nigel Farage At CPAC Florida America Under Biden Is No Longer The ‘Leader Of The Free World’

This week Nigel Farage spoke at CPAC. He conveyed his message of independence and nationalism while challenging the US to step up and lead. Under Donald Trump, America reasserted a muscular stance concerning its position in the world. It was not always welcome. Of course, under Barack Obama and tragically with anti-President Joe Biden, America took a step back.

Biden has subverted the US national interest by pursuing foreign policy positions that damage our role in the world. Our NATO partners and especially Germany, are subject to Russian influence. The recent attacks demonstrate that energy dependency in Europe created the condition where Ukraine became vulnerable and attractive to the Russian Bear. When Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine to remove the current government and supplant it with a Russian puppet state, no one was surprised. It was the most apparent assault in history.

On a European view, Trump was disliked as a nationalist because he called out their cowardice. Now, when Zelenskyy asks for aid, who will come to his rescue. Germans? French? English? No one truly appreciated America’s indispensable gift of blood and treasure in World War I and II. Removing the oppression in Europe that existed for the previous 75 years took a massive effort. Europe owes America respect and honor for its freedom. But instead, the French and German, Dutch, and Spanish people scoff at an American President who drives a complicated deal.

Now we have a dunce in the White House trying to crash the most extended period of global peace. Afghanistan is a mess after the US withdrawal. The Biden-Harris maladministration could not convince NATO partners to step up. China is waiting with bated breath to see the failures of the west realized. The full repercussions from the tragic Afghanistan withdrawal are still yet to be understood, but Biden’s decisions are not simply wrong but evil.

Farage supported Brexit and recognized that Putin claims to be a Russian patriot. He claims that his objective is only to reabsorb the Russian leaning portions of Ukraine into Russia. But he is negotiating this severance at the tip of a cannon with hundreds if not tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians as his opening bid, thanks to Joe Biden’s hesitancy.

Putin had nothing to fear because he sees the awful American sock puppet President this country has seen in recent memory. The US system was built upon a solid and capable executive. It is impossible with a limp, weak, and impotent older man.

Had Donald Trump been allowed to retain his presidency instead of being ousted in a coup, the intrusion of Ukraine was much less likely to occur. Sanctions and alliances would have been mobilized quickly. Putin wants to regain the glory of Mother Russia in the Communist politburo and dictators of the USSR and even the Czars of Ivan, Peter, and Catherine the Great.

Putin, if successful, may extend his ambitions to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Putin is likewise testing NATO, and the Europeans are failing the test.

Do Americans need to lead freedom? For American citizens who want to protect their freedom from an encroaching government, NATO is a lost cause. And without America, Putin can do what he wants. Putin will proceed with his push and aggression because communist countries grow or implode. The European Union and NATO grew and disregarded earlier arrangements with Russia for this reason.

Donald Trump pointed out the genuine danger presented by China and the CCP. Chinese state media is prepared to shut down communications out of Taiwan. This week China may take Taiwan. Nearly 90% of the semiconductors and chips in Taiwan. Biden’s failures will degrade our ability to defend Western Civilization. If America falls, the entire liberated world will fall. Thank you, Democrats.