Newsom Jets To Scotland For Climate Junket While California Totters

The corporate press has been fawning as usual over Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom as he prepares to jet off with 22 hangers-on to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Scotland. However, reporters haven’t bothered to look into how much will be accomplished in Glasgow that would not be just as quickly done over a Zoom video conference.

Through a press release, Newsom’s office stated that the governor would join international leaders at the conference to “highlight California’s groundbreaking policies” designed to fight climate change and “rally the global community” to stop using oil, somehow.

The conference will run from October 31 through November 12. Newsom plans on staying with his entourage until November 3. As crime ravages the Golden State, businesses leave record numbers for friendlier states, the governor is heading to Europe.

Newsom’s travel plans come on the heels of the recall election that he skated past last month. His campaign to save his job was strongly supported by the Democratic establishment, which could not bear the possibility of the embarrassment of losing a high-profile statewide race in stronghold California. Part of getting past the recall included postponing dealing with the state’s troubling unemployment fraud trouble that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The California Assembly finally took up a hearing on the alleged $20 billion in fraud that resulted from the actions of the state’s Employment Development Department.

Taxpayers were likely disappointed by the predictable results of the hearing. EDD Director Rita Saenz appeared along with the California State Auditor to answer questions from assembly persons and state senators.

Saenz testified that out of the $177 billion paid out during the pandemic in benefits, an estimated $20 billion was the result of fraud. She blamed gangs and organized crime and said there “isn’t one department” across the country that did not face large-scale fraud.

Republican Assemblymember Tom Lackey told Saenz that he did not think people understood the enormity of the amount lost to fraud. He illustrated 29 full-sized dump trucks filled with $100 bills, representing only half of the estimated loss.