Newsom Is Feeling The Heat Of The Recall Election

The California recall election scheduled for September 14 is getting to Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. Amid crashing poll numbers, he gave a bizarre and rambling interview to the Sacramento Bee last week that added momentum to the campaign to bring his term of office to an early end.

The ballot in the recall election will include two questions. First, voters will answer Yes or No to the question of whether Newsom should be recalled from office immediately. A simple majority of Yes votes would trigger his recall.

If he is recalled, the second question requires a vote for a successor to complete the remainder of Newsom’s term. The person from the crowded field of candidates receiving the highest total would become the next governor regardless of whether a majority is achieved.

The most recent SurveyUSA election poll shows that 51 percent of likely voters would vote Yes to recall Newsom. Only 40 percent of voters responded they would vote No retain the governor. Independent voters have recently broken towards a Yes vote, and they favored recall by a 5:3 margin in the poll.

In the interview with the Bee, Newsom said it would be “damn nice” if Californians would focus on “what we’re doing right” and added that it is everyone outside the state that is “bitching about the state.”

The governor argued that California had created 559,000 jobs and told Texas and Florida to “eat your heart out.” Stating that middle-class families in Texas are more heavily taxed than those in California, he exclaimed, “Look that up! That’s a fact.” He also shot back that he doesn’t know why that does not get “more damn attention.”

13.3% is the highest state income tax rate in the United States. Taxes on state income do not exist in Texas. Total state taxes in California are 9.48 percent, whereas total state taxes in Texas are 8.19 percent.

Appearing agitated during the interview, Newsom added, “I love this damn state.”

The Republican frontrunner in the field of replacement candidates, Larry Elder, said that he thinks that Newsom is in “serious trouble and he knows it” in an appearance on the Fox News show “Gutfeld” on August 10.

Newsom said of Elder the day before that his focus was on Elder because he is “even more extreme than Trump in many respects.” Elder responded by telling Gutfeld that he knows that Newsom is “worried about me.”

If Newsom is recalled and Elder is elected as his replacement, it would mark the first time that Republicans have won a statewide election in California since Arnold Schwarzenegger was reelected as governor in 2006.