Newsom Goes on Vacation in ‘No-Travel’ Montana

Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom demonstrated leftist hypocrisy again this week when it was revealed that he violated restrictions he has placed on others by taking his family on vacation to Montana, one of the states on his “no-travel list.”

Last July, Newsom issued an order banning state-funded travel to 20 U.S. states, including Montana. The stated reason for the prohibition was the laws in force in those states that restrict biological males from competing in school sports designated for girls.

When questioned about Newsom’s vacation this week, the governor’s spokesman Anthony York simply said that the vacation was to a family member’s ranch and was not paid for with state funds.

He did not initially provide comment on whether a state security detail went along, but by Thursday admitted that the California Highway Patrol was providing security for Newsom’s family during the trip.

The vacation is just the latest in a string of occasions in which Newsom ignored restrictions he has imposed as governor.

He was seen attending a birthday party with several unmasked people in November 2020 at the same time he was urging residents in his state to stay home to fight the spread of COVID-19. After he was busted by the photos showing him at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant, he was pressured to apologize for ignoring his own policies.

He said that he needs to “preach and practice” when he apologized, adding that “we’re all human.” He added that he should have “stood up and drove back to my house,” even though the photos of the event appear as if he was rather carefree at the time.

Last year, the governor touted virtual education while he had already sent his own children back to in-person learning at their private school. He also sent his son last summer to a basketball camp without face coverings, even though his state rules still required masks in all “youth settings.”

California began its policy of prohibiting state-funded travel to certain states in 2016. Former Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown initiated the list barring travel to states that he said discriminated on the basis of “sexual orientation.”

Newsom expanded the list last year to include Montana along with Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota, and West Virginia because of the girls’ sports restrictions.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta expanded the list further just last week to include Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, and Utah.

Newsom has placed himself on the front lines of progressive attacks on “red states” in recent weeks, even buying political ads in Florida to criticize Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Newsom’s ads beg Floridians to move to California to escape GOP politicians even though he is currently vacationing in a red state himself.