Newsom Enacts Law Redacting The Word “Alien” From California Code

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has gotten right back to the business of keeping the Golden State “woke” after escaping being recalled by voters two weeks ago. Last Friday, he signed a bill that removes the word “alien” from the California state code. The word was found to be out of date and discriminatory.

All uses of the word “alien” will be replaced with “noncitizen,” “immigrant,” or other terms. Newsom said the state’s code change is directed at continuing “California’s commitment to welcoming and diverse communities.” “Alien” was deemed offensive and not reflective of the state’s modern attitude toward illegal immigrants.

Newsom said that California is the “most diverse” state in the U.S. and is “stronger and more vibrant” due to its large immigrant communities. He added that the term “alien” is offensive to human beings and has “for far too long” led to a narrative that is “divisive and hurtful.”

Leading up to the enactment of the change in the code, Democrats had said that the word is xenophobic and a “political dog whistle” used to express hatred and bigotry. The word has been used as a legal term of art for hundreds of years, and even Newsom had to admit that it is not “traditionally racist language.”

California’s rebranding of its state code of laws comes as the Biden administration’s crisis along the country’s southern border rages on unabated. The Customs and Border Protection agency reported contact with almost 209,000 persons crossing into the country this August, more than four times the number reported in the same month last year.

Thousands of Haitian border crossers remain camped underneath the International Bridge near Del Rio, Texas, even as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris deflect by expressing outrage that CBP agents rode on horseback while attempting to control the border. 

White House officials have cast aspersions on agents, claiming that they beat or whipped migrants while mounted. Agents have unequivocally denied that any border crossers have been whipped at any time.

While California and the White House continue to play up “hurt feelings,” the Democratic attitude toward open borders continues to produce a humanitarian crisis throughout the country that is spiraling out of control.