New Trump Ad Uses FBI Raid To Tease Possible 2024 Campaign

Former President Donald Trump has been in the news this week after the FBI searched his home at the Mar-A-Lago golf resort in Florida. After denouncing the raid in multiple subsequent statements, he is now using the incident to hint at another White House bid.

In a social media video released this week, one-time Trump spokesperson Erin Perrine cited the “historic and unprecedented action” of the FBI as cause for alarm. If the bureau can conduct a raid against a former president, she continued, “what do you think they can do to the rest of us?”

The ad went on to assert that the invasion was a politically motivated ploy to “prevent Donald Trump from running again” and would not have happened to a Democrat.

Specifically, the video featured Trump’s 2016 and 2020 challengers Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as Democrats under suspicion of wrongdoing who were not similarly raided by the FBI during the Trump administration. As the ad concluded, the Department of Justice “is now being used as a weapon against Biden’s top political rival.”

A previous Trump quote capped off the video: “When I see something that’s not competent and he’s running something that I really have a big stake in, it bothers me — and I do something about it.”

The video led to widespread speculation that Trump might be planning another White House bid as his latest effort to “do something about” the corruption he sees in D.C.
In response to the FBI raid, a number of Trump allies have expressed a desire to see him announce a 2024 campaign sooner rather than later. A longtime adviser recently confirmed that he had reversed his prior belief that Trump should put off any such announcement until after November’s elections.

“My advice that we should wait until after the midterms was based upon a rather standard landscape,” said Michael Caputo, calling the Department of Justice’s action “a nuclear bomb” that completely changed the political landscape.

For his part, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he is more convinced than ever that Trump is planning a third White House bid.

“I think President Trump is determined now more than ever to straighten this country out,” he said.