New Report Raises Concerns About TikTok

The Chinese communist regime is a major competitor of the United States.

China is always looking to chip away at various advantages America has on the world stage. This is seen by China purchasing major US lands, sending spies to get intel from US lawmakers, and even setting up at least one police station in New York City.

China also has control of a popular app known as TikTok. This app is used by many Americans of all ages, especially children. Currently, some businesses are jumping on TikTok in order to get new customers and further their own brands.

Unfortunately, warnings about China’s influence over TikTok aren’t dissuading as many people from using the app as they should. Now, a new report confirms ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, planned to spy on Americans using this app.

A Wake-up Call
Forbes alleges that ByteDance had every intention of using its risk control and internal audit department to review the data of Americans.

This department is designed to focus on employees who cross the line. However, Forbes said ByteDance’s resources would be geared towards at least one American citizen with no connection to the parent company whatsoever.

This report isn’t shocking. In fact, former President Trump and US lawmakers have previously warned that TikTok is beholden to the Chinese communist regime, not America. US-based executives with TikTok claim otherwise, but the evidence supporting these warnings continues to emerge.

Thus far, the report from Forbes is only what’s officially and publicly on the record. There’s no telling what ByteDance or TikTok could be doing that has yet to come out. This is why so many folks are warning Americans against using TikTok or even downloading the app on any of their devices.

TikTok’s Terms of Service
Most people don’t explicitly read through the terms of service when they download an app on their phone. Though with TikTok, this means the average American has no clue of what they’re getting themselves into.

Once users agree to TikTok’s terms of service, they’re opening up the door to the company having access to their other apps, files on their phone, and even keystroke patterns.

TikTok users’ audio settings, login locations, battery settings, and much more are accessible to the company. Joe Rogan, the host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, talked about this at length earlier in the year.

Rogan also cautioned that TikTok itself is addictive and created to feed into people’s propensity for heavy social media use.