New Polling Data Shows A Majority Of Americans Believe Joe Biden Is Not Mentally Capable Of Being President

Not much has gone right for President Joe Biden over the last couple of weeks, and that includes some new polls that indicate even his supporters are second-guessing their decisions.

Rasmussen Reports recently polled 1,000 likely voters in the next presidential election. They asked how confident they are that Joe Biden is mentally and physically capable of handling his job as the President.

Of the respondents, 11 percent answered “not very,” and 41 percent said, “not at all.” That makes a majority of 52 percent. Only 32% indicated they were highly confident, while 14% said they were somewhat sure.

When asked if Joe Biden is doing the job or others are making the decisions behind the scenes, 39 percent said Biden was doing the job, and 51 percent answered that others were making the decisions.

Back in February, a similar poll found that only 33 percent of American voters felt that Biden was not mentally capable of taking care of his responsibilities.

The most recent FiveThirtyEight average approval rating for Biden dropped to 49.3 percent, down from the February number of 54.7 percent. His current disapproval rating jumped to 44.2 percent, up from 38.1 percent in February.

Another Rasmussen poll found that if the 2020 presidential election were held today, Trump would win over Biden, 43 percent to 37 percent. Of those who voted for Trump, 95 percent said they did not regret their vote, with only 87 percent of Biden voters responding that they did not regret their choice.

Black Americans regretted their vote at a 14 percent clip, and 12 percent of self-identifying moderates stated that if the election were held again, they would vote differently.

In May, a RealClearPolitics poll indicated that 55 percent of Americans felt the country was heading in the right direction. In August, that number had fallen steeply to 31 percent.

The steadily falling poll numbers will be interesting to watch as the Biden administration faces continuing controversy over mixed signals about the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, rising inflation, COVID restrictions and mandates fatigue, a southern border crisis, and other problems. The current trends indicate that voter sentiment may spell bad news for the Democrats in next year’s crucial midterm elections.