A Truck Driver Wins A Surprising State Senate Election

Several fascinating stories surfaced from the red wave of elections on Tuesday, not the least of which is the political novice who toppled an established Democrat and president of the New Jersey state senate on a shoestring budget.

Truck driver Edward Durr has captured the nation’s imagination this week thanks to his homemade campaign video and the report that he spent a total of $153.31 to roll to victory over seven-term incumbent Steve Sweeney. It appears that the only expenditures the Durr campaign had were for some copies of election fliers and some donuts for volunteers.

Durr campaigned by walking the neighborhoods of his district to meet the voters and ask them their opinions about state government. As a result, the COVID pandemic was a central part of his message. He criticized the Democrat governor’s lockdowns and anti-business response while pointing out how government policy has caused many productive citizens to flee New Jersey for more friendly states.

Durr differs from virtually all establishment politicians by admitting that he doesn’t know things he doesn’t know. He doesn’t try to be anything other than himself, and he promises to be a voice for the people who elected him.

He was inspired to run for office after being denied permission to carry a handgun for self-defense. New Jersey is one of the states that require citizens to prove some particular reason for “needing” a means of self-defense.

Durr said that he was encouraged because Sweeney has never received more than 32,000 votes in any of his previous elections, even though the district has about 150,000 residents. He said that it stood to reason that if Sweeney could never get even half the district, there must be plenty of voters who need to feel that someone cares about what they think and believe.