New Chicago Mayor Blasts Migrant Buses From Texas

New Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) criticized the state of Texas for sending migrants arriving over the southern border to the city while stating that the city had an obligation to help refugees.

Johnson called the shipping of migrants to the city as “wicked” and “unconscionable.”

He criticized the program in which Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and leaders from other border states bussed a number of migrants to cities and states that declared themselves ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal immigrants.

The new mayor said in his inaugural address that the city must aid “those who are seeking refuge here.”

Outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) declared a state of emergency due to the surge of immigrants entering the city.

Residents of the South Shore neighborhood launched a lawsuit over the city’s plans to send migrants to the area.

Chicago has seen about 8,000 migrants enter the city since last summer and 200 are arriving each day.

Chicago recently saw significant protests against a plan to house migrants in a former high school.

The Windy City is not the only region to receive migrants from border states. This week Texas sent a busload of several dozen migrants to Colorado.

New York City has faced increasing pressure due to the migrant wave, as well. Plans to house migrants in several areas of the city met with significant resistance from residents.

One plan to house migrants in a gym in Brooklyn was shelved due to protests.

Big Apple officials began housing migrants in a Brooklyn gym. Local residents protested, including a bilingual sign in English and Spanish that described the situation as an “invasion.”

The city had more than 4,300 migrants arrive in the last week.

According to New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), about half of the city’s hotel rooms are currently occupied by the migrants.

He said that the city was losing revenue “from people who are visiting us and spending.”

The mayor added that the current strain facing the city was “just too high for taxpayers to pay.”

New York City is currently considering plans to send migrants to other counties within the state.